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in-ground tornado shelters

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Our in-ground tornado shelters have dual lids with a winch to prevent being trapped. Your shelter will be located by GPS.


  • extra large
    10-12 people (5ft 2in x 7ft x 5ft)


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Our Saferooms can be built into an existing structure, stored in your garage or built into a new construction job. Your shelter will be located by GPS.


  • large
    6-8 person (6ft x 4ft x 6ft 6in)
  • extra large
    8-10 person (8ft x 4ft x 6ft 6in)

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if you are interested in having a storm shelter installed.


  • SST shelters start at $4,500
  • all prices include installation & taxes.


25 year warranty to original home owner.

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