Safe and Sound, Underground

Thats where you and your family can be the next time you hear tornado sirens.

Tornado Shelters start at $4,500 installed Deadly tornados in West Tennessee Shelters fit entire family Tornado shelters installed in one day Concrete is leveled and troweled smooth We offer tornado saferooms Our coverage includes 12 states

Our Tornado Shelters will keep you safe from the storm

In the last 10 years, Jackson, TN has been hit with 3 violent F4 tornados, and West Tennessee residents know first hand how devastating those tornados can be. Impact tested by Texas Tech and built to meet FEMA standards, these shelters can be installed in your garage or carport — typically in one day.

The next time severe weather strikes West Tennessee, you'll be safe and sound, underground.

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  • Installed underground (or as an above ground safe room) in the garage/carport of your home
  • Meets FEMA standards
  • Typically installed in one day
  • GPS location
  • Accessible without going outside your home

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This Shelter Survived an F5 Tornado!

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